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20.11.2018 11:44

In September, there was held an interesting lecture with the support of the Myrhorod Jewish Community.

Nineteen people listened to an amazing lecture about Great citizens of Myrhorod given by Natalya Ivanovna Berkuta, art critic.

Such a great citizen of Myrhorod was Vladimir Lukich Borovikovsky. We especially appreciate his creative works.

Vladimir was born on July 24, 1757 in Myrhorod. He was enlisted in the Myrhorod Cossack regiment and at the same time was interested in painting. He became famous as portraitist relatively late. The chamber portrait dominates in his works.

V. L. Borovikovsky embodied the ideal of beauty of his era in the female portraits. The artist subtly conveyed the inner world of the people he portrayed.

“When you listen to such lectures, the soul opens up and you want to create something by yourself” (as our listeners claimed) …