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20.11.2018 12:29

In August, there were held Sunday School classes on the basis of the Myrhorod Jewish Community.

Volunteers organized interesting Sunday school activities.

Eleven children learned a lot of new and interesting things. They painted crafts from salt dough. It was exciting, especially if this craft was made with their own hands. They drew a 3D hand, and it turned out to be quite difficult, but the result was surprising. They played outdoor games, because it was just not possible to sit still.

We visited Eco Shabbat in Poltava and had a lot of positive emotions. It was great because there was an opportunity to meet friends and find new ones. Many thanks to the organizers. In addition, we visited the local history museum, where Natalya Palets, our new volunteer, conducted a very interesting tour at Olga Litus exhibition on the Floramosaic.

All classes are aimed at the development of our children.