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21.08.2017 14:10

We continue the Hanukkah Marathon by carrying out activities for the ladies who attend our Day Care Center. Women are splendid at any age, and we invited two kind fairies to help them look even more gorgeous.

Elena Denisenko and Tatyana Denisenko, volunteers from Yin-Yang beauty salon which is a partner organization, did the hair and make-up of the old ladies to make them feel the holiday cheer.

Some of the female beneficiaries of the Day Care Center have NEVER used any make-up products. Therefore, they were delighted to see in the mirror, for the first time in their lives, absolutely new, much younger faces with shining eyes and happy smiles. Suddenly, ordinary grandmothers turned into stylish and beautiful women.

A photo shoot was another surprise for them. We asked a professional photographer, Roman Prikhodko (who is not affiliated with the Jewish Community) to help us with this project, and he kindly agreed to volunteer his time! He said that he is happy to make the aged ladies’ lives brighter and more interesting.