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15.02.2017 19:46

In this hard time when we lack communication with close people when our evenings pass behind computer or TV set, we very often face uneasiness, fears, aggression.

Fortunately, realizing it, people more often try to touch the world of the nature, understanding its, that gives us internal force.

To introduce harmony in life of members of our community we have started the project “Clay therapy”. Work with clay will help participants to express their emotions in dealing with this pliable and soft material. Plasticity of clay allows you to imprint fear, anger, aggression or to express the love to the world around. Besides, clay allows to correct emotional state, brings positive and creative notes in our life. Here are responses of the first participants of the project: “Getting a clay form, emotion gets into a trap. Actually we have taken the emotion in our hands. It is also may be called self-control”.